MAESTRO supports a range of automated sample preparation techniques for LC/MS and GC/MS:


Perfectly Synchronized Sample
Preparation and Analysis

Perfect synchronization is essential, when performing sample preparation and chromatographic analysis in parallel for optimized productivity. Automated sample preparation requires reliable and compatible hardware combined with integrated software control of the whole analysis process, including LC/MS or GC/MS analysis. The GERSTEL MAESTRO software helps analysts find the fastest route to the results. The complete process can be viewed using the graphical Scheduler to aid laboratory workflow planning and allows the analyst to monitor important details while viewing the whole picture.

Sample preparation for GC/MS or LC/MS analysis can involve sample clean-up and liquid handling processes, such as additions or dilutions, as well as analyte concentration steps to reach the required limits of detection (LOD, see box).

Using the MAESTRO Software, sample preparation is performed while chromatography of the preceding sample is in progress to optimize throughput. Urgent samples can be inserted into the running sequence without slowing or halting the workflow. If the analysis has been stopped before completion of the entire batch, an e-mail notification can be sent to one or more addresses enabling users to quickly restore productivity.

Context-sensitive help is available for all functions and entry fields in the software and a remote support software tool is included. The user can enable the GERSTEL support team to view the software screen via internet for fast and efficient advice on trouble-shooting or for training as needed.

MAESTRO operates independently, or fully integrated with the Agilent ChemStation software, or coupled with the Agilent MassHunter software. Only one method and one sequence table is required to operate the complete system from sample prep to GC/MS or LC/MS analysis.